Why AiPlex Sends Copyright Strikes?

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This article is for those of you whose channels were brought down because of YouTube’s Copyright strike and also those of whose channels are not yet…
If you’re a YouTuber, you must be aware of YouTube’s Copyright Policy. Copyright strike is a nightmare for YouTubers.

YouTube’s Copyright Policy: Know in-depth

YouTube’s copyright policy is designed to address the issues of copyright infringement and to protect the rights of content creators. YouTube makes it clear that the use of unauthorized content is unacceptable.

Three strikes against the channel and it’s gone! Content ID is YouTube’s automated, scalable system that enables copyright owners to identify YouTube videos that include content they own. YouTube only grants Content ID to copyright owners who meet specific criteria.  A database of copyright ownership is set by the content owners.  Three unheeded and un‑appealed copyright strikes and YouTube could permanently delete your channel.

What is AiPlex Software Pvt. Ltd.?

AiPlex Software Pvt. Ltd, is India’s 1st online anti-piracy company that helps content owners to protect content across all digital platforms, i.e., social media, search engines, mobile apps, streaming platforms, etc., serving 200+ corporate clients with customized content protection solutions for over 13 years.

Why Does AiPlex Send Copyright Notices to YouTube Users?

Because they are engaged by content owners to protect copyrighted content in the online space as simple as that.  Now, let’s dig deeper…

AiPlex is entrusted with the task of protecting content in the online space. On YouTube, it is authorized by content owners to act on their behalf and take action against any infringement.

AiPlex sends copyright notice If the YouTuber uses:

  1. Copyrighted music in the background
  2. Thumbnails containing copyrighted images, posters, etc.
  3. A whole movie/episodes/dialogues/scenes
  4. Movie Clips (whether it is 4 sec or 40 seconds, you can’t use someone’s content without their consent)
  5. Misuse of fair use policy (giving credits doesn’t mean it’s okay to use authorized content)

While sending a copyright notice, AiPlex (or any company for that matter) is bound to comply with YouTube guidelines and policies and provide evidence to YouTube including details such as contact information, infringing URL, and copyright certificate.

Whenever AiPlex discovers that content is being misused (intentionally or unintentionally), it intervenes and notifies the user as well as YouTube of the violation. By doing so, AiPlex ensures that the legitimate rights of content creators are safeguarded.

What Can You Do to Resolve a Copyright Strike?

  • Delete the video immediately and inform the complainant.
  • Request the complainant to retract their copyright notice.
  • Wait for 90 days until the copyright strike expires. Don’t repeat the same mistake again!
  • File a counter-notification if you think your video is removed by mistake, and it comes under fair use policy.

Drop us a line if you need help in protecting your content across the online space.


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