Intelligence-Driven Approach to Anti Piracy

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What we are witnessing now is not only a spurt in piracy but an unheard-of sophistication and complexity with which content is pirated, distributed, and monetized. Online piracy is a full-fledged parallel industry; its bigger, bolder, innovative, and definitively more lucrative than it ever was.

Today’s pirate is no more that loner, nerdy teenager from some godforsaken place sharing movies and popular shows on torrents just for the thrills.  It is an organized criminal network running highly profitable businesses by using sophisticated technology.

They are causing serious damage:  By 2023, video piracy is expected to cost $67 billion in economic losses globally.  They’re poaching audiences, bleeding legitimate businesses, and putting at risk individuals too.

Conventionally, anti piracy companies have fought piracy with methods like DMCA notifications, ISP blocking, copyright enforcement, court orders, etc.   Yes, these methods are efficient but then new challenges require new approaches.

What is intelligence-driven approach to piracy?

Intelligence-driven approach to anti piracy is this new approach.  It uses insights from technology‑driven data and data gathered by AiPlex cybersecurity specialists.

They answer very elementary but crucial questions.

  • How is your content being pirated at the moment?
  • How is your content likely to be pirated in the future?
  • What is that you should do to plug these vulnerabilities? 

Intelligence-driven approach in action

One of the most popular OTT platforms in India, a big powerhouse, approached us to help them with piracy.  Our team used machine learning, behavioral data, and an in-house blacklist of rogue IPTV services to identify 38 illegal IPTV services that were piggybacking on the popularity of our client and stealing our client’s content.  We used our own patented methods and identified the source of the leaks and shared it with the client for legal and other remedial actions.  We used our conventional methods (including collaborating with payment gateways) to disrupt their services. Most of them (32 of them to be precise) had to shut shop and other had to move away. 78% reduction in piracy was the happy outcome.  This was a major validation of how intelligence-driven approach together with our conventional methods could give us that edge in fighting digital piracy.

Intelligence-driven anti piracy can help you dominate search results

Every day, users perform billions of searches through search engines, websites, and social media. This is how your customers find you, but unfortunately the same search engines and platforms also index and show pirated content from torrents, cyber lockers, and streaming sites.

Keeping search results clean is more important than ever, especially for a content company.

AiPlex uses search analysis and keyword research to identify copyright infringements in each search. We then enforce copyright and delist infringing search results. Obviously, driving traffic to licensed and paid-for content.  If you need a proven content protection solution that is futuristic and stood the test of time for over a decade now, drop us a line, we will customize an anti piracy solution best suited for your needs.

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